Course Outline

Introduction to Pentaho Open Source BI Suite Community Edition (CE)

Overview of CE Features and Architecture

  • Pentaho Community Edition vs. Enterprise Edition
  • Pentaho CE Tools

Installing and Configuring Pentaho CE

Using the Pentaho CE Business Analytics User Console

Creating Reports with the Pentaho CE Business Analytics Report Designer

Performing Data Integration in Pentaho CE

Working with Databases in Pentaho CE

  • Relational Databases
  • NoSQL Sources
  • Analytic Databases

Working with the Analysis View in Pentaho CE

  • Predictive Analytics

Working with Big Data in Pentaho CE

  • Graphical Designer for Big Data

Maximizing the Community Online Forums of Pentaho CE

Deploying or Embedding Your Pentaho CE Project

  • Licensing


Summary and Conclusion


  • Programming experience
 28 Hours

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