Course Outline


  • Overview of OSINT Principles and Approaches
  • Understanding the Intelligence Cycle
  • OSINT tools and techniques
  • Ethical considerations in OSINT

Setting Up Your Environment

  • Configuring your machine and ensuring a stable network connection

Installing Tools for OSINT

  • Overview to OSINT Toolkits
  • Configuring, installing, and customizing tools
  • Best practices for tool management

Protecting Your Identity

  • Obfuscating your activities
  • Privacy and proxies

Ethical Data Collection and Transformation

  • Accessing legitimate sources of data
  • Mining the Dark Web in a secure and safe manner
  • Ethical considerations in data mining practices
  • Strategies for transforming raw data into valuable information

Monitoring Events in Real-time

  • Observing and analyzing real-time data in OSINT investigations
  • Exploring tools or platforms used

Targeting Corporate Bodies

  • Collecting corporate information
  • Mapping out corporate identities, structures and hierarchies

Targeting Individuals

  • Collecting information on individuals

Assessing Consequential Actors

  • Identifying potential threats to government, economy, and safety
  • Basics of criminal profiling

Ethical Data Extraction

  • Scrutinizing website content through responsible scraping practices
  • Strategies for analyzing and interpreting big data with adherence to legal guidelines

Practical Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in OSINT

  • Understanding the role of Predictive Analysis in OSINT
  • Exploring AI tools for visual and text analysis

OSINT for Financial Investigations

  • How law enforcement tracks money
  • Understanding credit card transactions and black markets
  • Tracking cryptocurrency transactions

Summary and Next Steps


  • No special requirements


  • Researchers
  • Security analysts
  • Investigators
  • Law enforcement
  • Government and military personnel
 21 Hours

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