Course Outline


Mapping Networks with Nmap

  • Host discovery
  • Network ports
  • Network vulnerabilities

Overview of Network Mapping

  • TCP/IP networks
  • IP addressing

Preparing the Testing Environment

  • Configuring a cloud based testing environment
  • Installing and configuring Nmap
  • Testing the Nmap installation

Scanning with Nmap

  • Running a simple scan on Nmap
  • Selecting ports
  • Scanning multiple systems
  • UDP scanning
  • TCP scanning
  • IP protocol scanning
  • Scanning for host discovery
  • Formatting scan results
  • Reviewing Nmap outputs

Nmap Scripting Engine

  • Running locate utility
  • Using categories
  • Creating prerule scripts for Nmap scan operations
  • Creating host scripts for host discovery
  • Passing arguments to scripts
  • Reviewing Nmap outputs

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of networks and the internet


  • Software Testers
 14 Hours

Number of participants

Price per participant