Course Outline


ServiceNow at a Glance

  • Software-as-a product
  • ServiceNow stack
  • Tables and records

Preparing the Development Environment

  • Setting up a MID Server System

Lists, Forms, and UI Basics

  • Working with filters and searches
  • Modifying lists and forms

Customizations, Tables, and Fields

  • Examining UI policies and UI actions
  • Understanding business rules, scripts, and data policies
  • Creating a flowchart
  • Using tables
  • Working with fields and field types
  • Creating and deleting tables
  • Creating an application

User Administration

  • Creating and modifying users, groups, and roles
  • Configuring LDAP and SSO integration
  • Impersonating users

Configurations in ServiceNow

  • Scripting in ServiceNow
  • Configuring UI policies, UI action, client scripts, and business policies
  • Creating and triggering events
  • Creating and triggering email notifications
  • Controlling access with ACLs
  • Creating an SLA
  • Creating a workflow

System Administration

  • Creating and modifying dashboards
  • Creating and reporting reports
  • Working with catalogs
  • Troubleshooting methods

Summary and Conclusion


  • An understanding of ITIL principles


  • System Administrators
 14 Hours

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